City and public utility board team up for Biosolids program

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BROWNSVILLE, Texas – The city of Brownsville is teaming up with the Brownsville Public Utility Board for the creation of a pilot program at the local landfill.

For the next two years, both agencies will be mixing materials for land application. A project is in the works that will extend the lifespan of the Brownsville landfill. It is known as the Biosolids Composting Pilot Program. The city and Brownsville PUB are mixing compost and sludge with the hopes of re-using it to improve the landfill.

Robert Maldonado, Landfill Coordinator – City of Brownsville, “We look at this project about a year and discussed about the different material they had. And the material that we have and we got the conclusion that we can make this work, we can make this project work.

Under state regulation, the city and the utility each have a limit of space they can dump waste in known as Air Space. This joint effort was approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and will allow both to take waste from their separate air spaces and combine them at a different spot. This will allow them to store more in the long run.

Cleiri Quezada, BPUB Communications, “We just got it approved by the state to go ahead and do this. Basically what it does is the benefit that gives BPUB is that it releases. We have to upkeep our sludge. By combining it with the city’s mulch we are able to not only free airspace in the landfill area, but we’re also helping the environment.

The mixed product will be re-used on the landfill slopes. The city tells us any excess can be sold as compost.

“We’re going to be saving some air space at the city of Brownsville landfill. At the same time the public utilities board is going to save some airspace on their end.” says Maldonado.

The joint venture will be continuously monitored by both the city and BPUB respectively. The project is housed in a 150 square foot area within the Brownsville landfill.

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