Chris Perez returns to McAllen, new music honoring Selena’s legacy

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February 07 2021 06:00 pm

MCALLEN, Texas – It’s been 20 years since Chris Perez played in McAllen. On Saturday night, the Chris Perez Project took the stage at Cine El Rey looking for the same energy they got back in 2000.

“There was this one where we did like a five city Texas tour and not only considering those shows, but all of them together there was one that we did here in McAllen that it was just even my road manager was like ‘what got into you guys!’ It was like the best rock show I’ve seen and the energy from the crowd was amazing so that’s why I wanted to come back.” says Perez.

Perez is back and with new music. He’s ready with to honor the legacy of his late wife Selena. Perez plans on releasing new songs in 2020 as part of Selena’s 25th anniversary.

Perez says, “I’m sure there will be some similarities to what we have done in the past but there will also be some new elements.”

When asked if the music will be a mixture of Tejano and Rock and Roll?

“No, only in the sense that I’m from Texas, so I’m a Tejano you know what I mean? But as far as that music and that genre, that style, I don’t have any plans.”

Chris Perez went from Rock and Roll to Tejano and back to Rock and Roll. When asked what made him not want to continue with Tejano music?

“At the time I was going through a lot. Emotionally, understandably with everything that had happened with Selena passing away. That band kind of dissolving. I was so used to having the team that we had behind me. Ricky Vela, Suzette, A.B., Joe, and obviously Selena. I couldn’t even imagine trying to pick up the pieces and continue doing that genre of music. I figured I’d honor her in a way that she’d want me to be. Like she would’ve wanted me to go out and play what I love to play. I found myself again through music because I did it the way that I did.”

Along with new music, Perez plans on releasing a documentary about his life that’s been in the works for the past six years.

“I’m pretty sure some people want to know some behind the scenes kind of things that are going on with me. As far as the spotlight goes I kind of shy away from that and really the only reason we have the Chris Perez Band is because, what else am I going to do?”

In addition to his music, Perez has another project; the Perez Pepper Sauce which launched in November with 1,000 bottles selling out within an hour.

“There’s talks of us creating another one, I think that one is going to be hotter.” Said Perez.

To spice things up, the Chris Perez Project will be on a mini tour across Texas next year.

View Joanna Guzman’s full unedited interview with Chris Perez.

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