EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Fiesta Edinburg has finally arrived and NBC23’s Chief Meteorologist Freddy Vela shows all the fun and exciting things to do during the event.

Freddy spoke with the Flores family who have been riding the Globe of death for years. For dad he’s been riding his motorcycle in the metal sphere for 35 years and his young daughter has been at it for four years.

Freddy was even brave enough to go inside the 14-foot-steel cage and got an extreme close up look at the thrilling stunt.

Freddy didn’t stop at the Globe of Death. He insisted on getting on the carnival ride Super Shot.

The Super Shot is a well-known ride in carnivals across the nation. This ride is known to create tension to passengers as it slowly goes up hundreds of feet, but once it hit reaches the top, a clicking sound follows and the ride drops back down at a high rate of speed before slowing back down as it reaches the ground.

Many call the ride scary.

If you are not much of a carnival ride or an adrenaline seeking person, there are a number of shows you can sit back and enjoy.

Freddy met Alejandro Milan from Contacto Animal, who said the organization’s mission is to spread animals awareness to schools and events.

Milan was accompanied by a green-winged macaw named Andy, who was not shy to show off his vibrant red and green feathers. Milan told ValleyCentral Andy is only eight-years which is considered as a baby in his species.

Milan doesn’t only have birds or amphibians in his performances, but also dinosaurs like Venus who was more than happy to make his television debut.

As Freddy was sliding through Fiesta Edinburg and its activities, he stumbled upon the Power Slide. This slide however, is not your typical playground slide but a very slippery, and tall slide that requires a burlap sack to be used in order to slide down.

He won first place against two participants in a friendly competition at the Power Slide.

Rides, shows and music are all the buzz in Fiesta Edinburg but who can forget about the food!

Funnel cake, street tacos, chili cheese fries and many more food stands fill the air with their delicious food people can’t get enough of.

Fiesta Edinburg is taking place through Sunday at the Bert Ogden Arena.