BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Charro Days Fiesta organization unveiled its poster for the 2023 Charro Days celebration Wednesday morning.

Charro Days Fiesta

Each year, the city of Brownsville celebrates its union on the border with Matamoros through its Charro Days festivities. This year marks the 86th year of celebrating the relationship between the two cities.

Don Breeden, a local artist, has been designing the Charro Days Fiesta posters since 1992.

Early Wednesday morning, Breeden walked Brownsville residents down memory lane with previous posters for the Charro Days Fiesta.

The 1992 poster was the first one ever used to celebrate and advertise the event. The artwork highlighted the Charros on horseback that are traditionally seen during the Charros Day Parade in Brownsville.

Charro Days Fiesta

His 1996 poster featured Jaime Oscos, daughter of one of the men in the original 1992 piece. In the painting, she is dressed in traditional Charra attire.

Breeden also showcased his 2020 poster which was the year of La Adelita, described as one of the fearsome women warriors of the Mexican revolution. Breeden gets his inspiration from history and local members of the community to model for his art. The woman who modeled for his La Adelita piece was present at the event, wearing her traditional dress.

Charro Days Fiesta

In 2021 the Beard Posse was showcased by Breeden in a comical poster. The Beard Posse is a group of men that wear bandanas to cover their mouths. Members of the posse were at the unveiling.

This year’s poster features three local children: Livy, Daniela and Olivia who were painted by Breeden wearing bright and colorful dresses.

The three girls were present at the unveiling wearing the outfits used for the portrait.

In the painting, the oldest of the girls, Livy, wore a blue and white traditional dress with a large white flower-like bow in her hair. Daniela was dressed in a bright pink, blue, green and white traditional Charra dress and a pink and blue bow in her braided hair. The youngest of the girls, Olivia, wore a black dress with orange, pink and blue detailing. She also sported an orange flower headband in her hair.

The posters are available for pick-up free of charge at the Charro Days Fiesta Office, located at 455 E Elizabeth St. in Brownsville.