A Sullivan City Commissioner arrested on Saturday morning has been released from the Mission city jail following an arraignment on behalf of the state, according to authorities.  

Officials with the Mission Police Department say Gabriel Salinas was arrested after his wife called  police due to a domestic disturbance on Saturday morning. 

Salinas, who was arrested just before 8 a.m,  was originally facing a Class A Misdemeanor charge, however a judge ruled that there was not sufficient evidence and dropped the charge to a Class C, according to Investigator Art Flores- Public Information Officer with the Mission Police Department.

Salinas spent a total of approximately 12 hours in jail. 



A Sullivan City commissioner spent a few hours behind bars on Saturday, according to authorities.

Officials with the Mission Police Department tell CBS 4 Gabriel Salinas was arrested for assault, which officers believe stemmed from a domestic dispute.

Officers looked into the matter and spoke with Salinas’ wife, who will not be pressing charges.