CDC urges retailers to not argue with anti-maskers

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PHARR, Texas (KVEO) — As businesses begin to reopen with safety regulations in place, the CDC is offering guidance to business owners on how to deal with customers that refuse to follow the mandates.

State officials have outlined guidance for restaurants, bars and retail stores to open their doors and requiring the use of masks and practicing social distancing.

 “I personally think it’s ridiculous,” said Jesus, a grocery store cashier in Pharr.

He has dealt with anti-maskers before.

“I asked this lady one time and she cursed me out, calling me all kinds of names. I kept saying lady I’m just doing my job,” he said.

More than 30 states have mask mandates for people in public. If a business meets an anti-masker the CDC recommends offering them another service option like curbside pickup and not arguing with customers who refuse to wear a mask.

“I feel they don’t want to wear it because it goes against their rights but the mask protects you from other people,” said Jesus.

There is no federal law mandating mask requirements.

Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order in July that said failure to comply could be punishable by a fine.

Jesus believes the longer the pandemic lasts, the more uncooperative people will become.

In July, major stores including Walmart, CVS and Home Depot say they will still serve customers who refuse to wear masks.

To learn more about the CDC recommendations, click here.

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