LOS FRESNOS, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Two men in Los Fresnos were arrested after authorities found several glass pipes and clear plastic bags containing what officials say was cocaine.

Deputies seized the narcotics were seized from inside a shed on February 9th. 

In a release – Sheriff Eric Garza says Axel Baez, 22; and Ramiro Hernandez, 29; were taken into custody after authorities executed an arrest warrant at a residence. 

When deputies arrived at the residence, a man, later identified as Hernandez, was detained by the front door, the release said.

“As the investigators entered the property, they observed a male subject walking towards a shed in the back of the property,” Garza states.

Hernandez saw deputies and ran into the shed while reaching into his back pocket, deputies said.

Source: Cameron County Sheriff Eric Garza press release

Hernandez was apprehended. Deputies entered the shed and found several clear plastic bags containing a “white powdery substance” and a black wallet containing Baez’s information, the release stated.

Deputies found several glass pipes with brillo wire, investigators allege are used in smoking crack cocaine, and white bags used to package narcotics, Cameron County officials said.

“After further investigation 29 grams of cocaine were recovered,” Garza said.

Baez and Hernandez were charged with manufacture/delivery of controlled substance, the release said. Baez has an additional charge of tampering with evidence. 

Deputies read the Miranda Rights to both Baez and Hernandez, who later confessed, the release said.

Both men confessed and were booked in Carrizalez-Rucker Detention Center. The investigation is ongoing.