Catholic Charities of RGV Seeking Additional Space to House More Immigrant Families

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The city of McAllen and Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley are looking for additional space to temporarily house an overflow of asylum-seeking immigrants.

It’s been months since the Catholic Charities of the RGV moved the Humanitarian Respite Center out of Sacred Heart Catholic Church. This was due to the low number immigrants that were going through to receive help.

But in the last couple of days their current location hasn’t been enough to house the overflow of asylum seeking immigrants.

Sister Norma Pimentel, Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley Director said, “The situation is that we’re here in this location that is quite small, and the number of people given permission to continue their process somewhere else is larger. So we want to see if we can find a location that will be able to, with greater ease, handle the families that are here.”

In recent days the respite center has been averaging between 100 and 200 immigrant families that go through to receive help. Some have had to be transported to different locations for temporary housing.
Sister Norma tells us they are working together with the bus station to have more buses available to transport the families quicker to meet with their families, and reduce the overflow.

“One of the things that we need to do, is work with the bus station, so that they can facilitate more bus routes so that families can be able to continue their journey, where they’re going.”

No matter how big the overflow of families going to respite center can be Sister Norma says they’re always ready to help anyone out.

“Whether it’s one family, ten, or eighty, or 100 families, i’m hoping that we can always provide them with the care they need as a family to go to the next step.”

The respite center has also been receiving a lot of donations from people all over the country. Right now they are in need of volunteers to help staff and care for the immigrant families.

A go fund me page has also been created for Catholic Charities of the RGV to raise money to purchase items they need to continue helping the immigrant families.

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