Carlos Cascos Speaks About Stepping Down as Secretary of State

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We spoke with Texas Secretary of State Carlos Cascos, whose resignation Governor Greg Abbott recently announced.

The former Cameron County Judge was in Brownsville at Texas Southmost College. He was hosting the Border Trade Advisory Committee. He had this to say about stepping down as secretary of state.

“It’s been a good experience. The timing was right.  I believe the governor, wanted to go in another direction. The life span of a secretary the last decade or so has been about a year and a half, so I’m about where I needed to be. I’ve gotten numerous calls asking the same questions. The only thing I can say is that I’m going to remain involved in civic engagement. I’m going to remain involved in public service at some level. I’m not sure at what level that would be but I’m looking forward to taking 30, 40 days off, for a little bit and then start thinking of where we want to go. You’re going to have me. I mean Brownsville is my home so I’m going to live and die here but yeah I’m going to be around and also what I’ve wanted to do is I’ve been asked if I was going to continue doing speaking engagements, and I’m going to continue doing that whomever wants me to speak I’ll show up and speak and give them my thoughts so we’re looking forward to doing that as well.”

One of the primary duties of the secretary of state is to educate people about their voting rights and responsibilities.

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