HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) – Ruben Cortez and Luis Villareal are both candidates listed on your ballot for the Texas House District 37.

Cortez is currently serving as a member of the Texas Board and Education and is now seeking for your vote to be part of the Texas senate board.

According to Cortez, some of his focus points involve healthcare, education and improving the economy. 

If elected, one of his priorities is to invest in schools. 

“My priority is getting our fair share for our families, that’s really the bottom line and that means increasing our state’s investment in our local schools will help us lower property taxes and that means we can work on expanding Medicaid so that we can bring down the cost of medicine and healthcare,” said Cortez.

Cortez also plans to work on the alternative energy sector to help bring the influx in gas prices.

On Villareal’s agenda, some of his priorities are to enhance education by creating a certificate program.

According to Villareal, the certificate program will help people pursue higher-paying jobs and those who cannot afford to go to college.

“You know the reality is out of 100 kids that graduate from high school, about 50 percent go to college; It will be better for them because they can actually show something from their work and be recognized because they actually went to school for whatever years and didn’t finish for whatever reason so I think that’s important to push,” said Villareal.  

Villareal also wants to bring in more funding to fix the drainage issues throughout Cameron County.

Early voting ends May 20. Election day is Tuesday, May 24.

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