Candidates for County Sheriff square off in debate

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MCALLEN, Texas – Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra and challenger Frank Guerrero participating in a debate hosted by the McAllen Rotary Club.

“We’re really excited because it gives an opportunity to reach more of the community and really showcase what the sheriff’s office does. It’s unfortunate a lot of people don’t know what the sheriff’s office does.”

“It’s very important because it allows us and tell our message to the voters.”

The debate was moderated by the Rotary Club with a series of questions. Each candidate had one minute to respond. The topics included qualifications, fighting corruption, and crime.

“I’m very, very happy to say that in the six years that I have been the sheriff, we’ve been able to lower the crime rate in the county by over 28 and a half percent.”

“These crime numbers are being diluted. They are wrong and it’s irresponsible. Crime is on the rise.” said Guerrero.

Frank Guerrero was asked what he would do differently as sheriff.

“The redeployment, the reassessment of our resources. We definitely need more boots on the ground. We need more visibility, we need more patrols and quicker response times.”

Sheriff Guerra spoke of the work he has done restoring integrity at the office and working with local, state and federal partners.

“Doing law enforcement operations in collaboration, we’ve been able to all come together and work on crime as a whole, as a region and that is one of the biggest reason that you have seen a reduction in crime.”

Both candidates also sharing why they deserve your vote.

Frank Guerrero, “It’s all I’ve ever done. Law enforcement, it’s in my blood, I’ve loved it since I was a young boy. I have learned a lot in my experience in Miami. 18 years in the sheriff’s office, serving in the military, I’ve had the pleasure and honor of owning my own business. Nothing was handed to me.”

Sheriff Guerra, “25 years law enforcement experience…we’ve already had proven success of leadership in the sheriff’s office. I’m asking the voters to help me continue. Like the old saying says ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’.”

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