Candidates for Cameron County Sheriff reveal their plans for the community

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CAMERON COUNTY, Texas (KVEO) — Just nine days away until election day, we are diving into candidates who are hoping for your vote.

We spoke to each candidate running for Cameron County Sheriff. 

Republican candidate John Chambers says his experience makes him a standout nominee for the job. 

“I have 26 years in the criminal justice field. I worked for the state prison. I worked as a jailer, a deputy sheriff, deputy constable, and worked my way up to chief of police. I served as chief of police for 15 years,” said Chambers.

His past is checkered. Chambers was found guilty of tampering with government documents, from his time as police chief of Indian Lake Police department. 

“I believe it could have an impact, but people need to understand that was a political hit job and that’s what we’re fighting against,” said Chambers.

His challenger, Democratic nominee Eric Garza believes he is the candidate for the job. 

“The sheriff is the head administrator of his office and we need someone who is involved in their community who cares about his employees and staff. Who wants to make sure that we’re always out there and providing good services and that’s why I decided to run for sheriff, “said Garza.

Both are looking to bring a new perspective to the department. With distrust against law enforcement, both candidates want to bridge the gap between the department and the community. 

“The most important thing is the training and educating the public as a whole what our roles are what are we here for and how we can help them move forward,” said Garza.

Chambers revealed a similar vision.

“The officers getting out of their cars and taking off their glasses. Interacting with the public. I think that will be a great improvement that will also with the public to interact with law enforcement that would be nice,” said Chambers.

We asked them each one question. Why should voters vote for you?

“Because they want change they want a different vision of the sheriff’s office they want a sheriff’s office that’s going to be involved in the community that’s going to be looking after the people, the safety and security,” Said Garza.

“I would say choose me because I guarantee you the cartel won’t run the sheriff’s office with me in there…we will fight corruption and we will restore confidence in the sheriff’s office,” said Chambers.  

 Both candidates addressed issues inside the jail. Garza said he wants to get the county jails up to compliance. Chambers said he has worked in all aspects of jails and knows the unique stresses that are involved with operating and dealing with inmates. Chambers said his experience will help him deal with concerns and complaints.   

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