Cameron County Sheriff-Elect shares plans for office

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BROWNSVILLE, Texas (KVEO) — For the first time in nearly 20 years, Cameron County will have a new sheriff. 

Eric Garza defeated the Republican candidate, John Chambers, last night, after beating Sheriff Omar Lucio in the July Primary Runoff election.  

“They showed they wanted change for Cameron County and that’s why we’re here,” Sheriff-elect Garza said.  

With 61% of the votes, Garza will soon take over as Cameron County Sheriff. 

The Sheriff-elect met with county officials this afternoon to ensure a smooth transition for when he assumes the role and tells us what he intends to focus on.  

“First and foremost, the county jail, which is a liability,” he said. “There has been a lot of issues with it, so we’re going to take care of that, make sure we have a good administration in there to make sure it’s always in compliance and we have no more loss of lives.”  

He says his experience as district clerk prepared him to succeed in this role.  

“As the head administrator of district clerk’s office, it will allow me to be the head administrator of the sheriff’s office and make sure we use our funds wisely and any equipment we get is for the betterment of the community and that we provide better services to the citizens of Cameron county.”  

Another priority for Garza is cultivating a stronger relationship between law enforcement and the public.  

“I think the community needs more involvement with our law enforcement officers,” he said. “There are a lot of different communities within Cameron County and they’re all so diverse.  

“Sometimes we need to be more involved so we know what issues they have”  

Garza will officially take over as sheriff in January. He adds he would like to thank Sheriff Lucio for his service and wishes both him and Chambers well in their future endeavors. 

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