BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The primary elections are set for March 1, 2022, and Cameron County is preparing with new precincts, poll workers, and new polling sites.

Cameron County election administrator, Remi Garza, said they are scheduled to present precinct and polling changes to the commissioner’s court on Dec. 22.

“Because of the redistricting that occurred at the end of this year, we’re redrawing the precinct boundaries for our voting precincts and so, we’re creating some new precincts and we’re also creating some new polling sites,” said Garza.

He said the changes still need to be finalized, but the changes are not drastic.

“Most people will get to go to the same polling locations, we’re doing everything we can to keep people to vote the same familiar locations on election day,” he said.

He said some of the changes are necessary due to growth throughout the county.

“There are some areas where we simply have had a huge population growth or there’s a hard line that’s been drawn by the house state representative line that we have to separate people,” said Garza.

He explained that poll workers are needed to help with the upcoming elections in March.

“We need to have people who we can train and have people that can work and then if they can work multiple elections it’s very helpful,” he said.

The poll workers assist with setting up and tearing down polling sites, qualifying voters, and assisting voters with their ballot.

“You’re qualified if you’re a registered voter you should be 18 years of age, you should be a citizen of Cameron County and a citizen of the United States and that’s pretty much the limitations,” said Garza.

Garza also encourages voters to update their voter registration as soon as possible.

“The actual deadline to submit any changes to your voter registration falls at the end of January. Early voting starts on February 14th, so that’s just around the corner, so we hope everybody can update their voter registration records,” he said.

For more information on Cameron County elections and voter registration, you can visit the Cameron County Department of Elections Voter Registration website.