Cameron County officials say Johnson & Johnson vaccine helps in getting people fully vaccinated faster

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CAMERON COUNTY, Texas (KVEO) — After an 11-day pause on the use of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19, Cameron county is waiting on a shipment. Officials feel the one-dose vaccine is a good way to get everyone fully vaccinated.

As of April 26, Cameron County has 46% of people who have been vaccinated with at least one dose and only 30% fully​ vaccinated. That means some are not going back for their second dose.

The one-dose vaccine would solve that problem.

“I think Johnson and Johnson have a lot of advantages for it being a one-dose vaccine.” Dr. Castillo adds, “it’s definitely an advantage for people who have difficulty in getting to the vaccine or if it’s just the type of vaccine that they prefer instead of the Moderna vaccines.”

He says another development that could help accomplish the fully vaccinated goal is people going to their local pharmacy to receive the vaccine. 

“The move away from larger hubs and getting these kinds of vaccines to people’s doctors’ offices,” said Dr. Castillo.

Garcia’s Pharmacy Technician, Abigail Vasquez, said she was surprised by her patients’ responses to getting the Johnson and Johnson vaccine after the pause.

 “Even the last two weeks that it’s been on hold, we’ve been getting the Moderna and offering it to some of the people that requested the Johnson & Johnson just to see if they would take what’s available.”

Vasquez said her patients declined the offer.

“For the most part, everybody just says ‘no I’m going to wait, I know Johnson & Johnson will be approved again’.”

Both Vasquez and Dr. Castillo agree that everyone should get a vaccine.

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