BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Cameron County Judge Eddie Trevino Jr. says the county is working on numerous projects for 2023 with the primary focus being transportation and infrastructure.

“We’re getting ready to plan for the upcoming 2023 Texas Legislative session to advocate on behalf of all of the projects that are good for Cameron County, and for the valley as a whole with all of our Valley delegation,” Trevino states.

Some of these projects are focused on flooding and drainage.

He says the multi-county Floodway Watershed Program will help with flood control across the valley.

Trevino also addressed the construction of a second causeway that would connect Harlingen with South Padre Island.

“We’ve made progress on that. We’re hopeful that we’re gonna be able to get the funding that we need to keep moving forward,” he adds. “Instead of waiting for the state to get that done, we’re going to be ready to have it as shovel ready as we possibly can.” 

Anther priority for Trevino is the East Loop Project, which will help in the removal of 18 wheelers from Highway 83.

Aside from infrastructure and transportation, the county is also prioritizing the health of residents.

“We’re learning how to live with a pandemic; we wanted to make sure that our vaccination rates stayed high,” Trevino tells Valley Central. “That way, as the as the variants kept creeping up, our population here in Cameron County was as best and well protected as a could be.” 

Additional projects expected this year include the expansion of Space X, a primary lane expansion at Veterans International Bridge, and the consideration and development of a Multi-Use Events Center.