As Halloween approaches, the Cameron County Sheriff’s Office is preparing to conduct an initiative to keep registered sex offenders from coming in contact with children.

According to Sheriff Omar Lucio, there are currently an estimated 900 registered sex offenders living in Cameron county.

“They have to report to specific locations,” said Lucio. “Depending on where he is registered.” 

By state law, on Halloween, registered sex offenders will be monitored between 5:30 p.m. to midnight at a specific location. 

Anyone who does not report themselves on the holiday will have a warrant out for their arrest. 

Lucio said sex offenders who are on parole do not have to turn themselves in to authorities, but they are prohibited from engaging in any Halloween-related activities including putting up Halloween decorations.

“The law requires that they should not turn on their outside light,” said Lucio.” “It should be dark as possible and they cannot entice any child and give them any candy.”

Deputies will be patrolling neighborhoods to make sure all sex offenders are abiding by the law.