HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A Cameron County resident said when it rains it means getting in and out of their home is nearly impossible.

“It’s pretty bad my wife can’t get out and she needs to take the kids to school and she only has a two-wheel drive,” said Omar Garcia.

On McLeod Road in the Harlingen area, the Garcia’s said they would rather not leave at all than risk having their cars get stuck in the mud. However, according to Garcia, his daughters sometimes miss school because of it.

“And then there goes school and ‘why are the absent?’ and I’m not there and family can’t come over so, that’s how it is right now,” said Garcia.

Garcia explained he has to go to work away from home for days at a time leaving his family with little option for leaving the area.

In an effort to fix the issue, Garcia said he put in a work order with Precinct 4 in Cameron County in September of 2021 but has not heard an update.

“They supposedly put a work order in September 2021 and I mean we are in January and they haven’t done anything right now,” said Garcia. “At least caliche—at least put caliche where you can have a safe road, not even our reporter can get in here.”

ValleyCentral followed up with commissioner Gus Ruiz where he gave a statement,

We will be reaching out to the county engineer and the public works department regarding this issue. Once they have a solution then we will reach out to Mr. Garcia to discuss.

Gus Ruiz, Precinct 4 Cameron County Commissioner

The commissioner did not provide a timeline of when the issues on McLeod Road would be addressed.