Cameron County Emergency Management shares storm preparedness tips

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HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Cameron County Emergency Management is prepared for hurricane season and tells the public there is still time to prepare for a potential storm.

“You shouldn’t go panic buy,” said Cameron County Emergency Management Coordinator Tom Hushen.

He explained that you should start purchasing essential items such as water during regular grocery store trips.

Hushen said keeping your vehicle’s gas tank full throughout hurricane season is important to avoid last minute trips and long lines at gas stations.

“There’s a lot of things that you should always be prepared with and one of them is a first-aid kit, another is making sure all your important papers are sealed,” said Hushen.

Taking photos of your home before and after a storm to report any damage to FEMA, insurance companies, and other types of public assistance can help with your claims, according to Hushen.

Evacuating is also important to prepare for and Hushen said you do not have to wait for an evacuation order to leave.

“If you just don’t feel safe in your home, evacuate.”

Tom Hushen, Cameron County Emergency Management Coordinator

Evaluating the storm’s direction will help determine which routes to take and leaving early is key to safely evacuating, explained Hushen.

He said if you choose to ride out the storm, be prepared for power outages.

Generators should be used especially if you have someone in the household that is on a medical device that requires electric power.

He said it is important to know how to safely use a generator.

“One thing that is super important is you always have to have proper ventilation. That means you have to have your generators in the outside of your property,” explained Hushen.

The Emergency Management Department has monthly meetings with all emergency management coordinators and city officials during hurricane season, according to Hushen.

He said when a potential hurricane or severe storm is heading towards the area, the meetings are then held weekly.

For additional tips on preparing for emergencies visit the Cameron County Emergency Management website.

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