Cameron County COVID-19 deaths surpasses 2,000

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CAMERON COUNTY, Texas (ValleyCentral) – Cameron County has now reached a grim milestone on the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Cameron County Health Department, there have been 2,006 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

Health Authority Dr. James Castillo said with more vaccination in the area can lead to better results these next few months.

“We do expect a little bump coming up and I hope that’s all it is, Dr. Castillo said. ” I hope we don’t see another surge.”

Since there is a high percentage of vaccination in the area, Dr. Castillo said there are still not enough people vaccinated to reach herd immunity. And over 90% of those who have done were not vaccinated.

“Most people in our county are fully vaccinated, most adults in our county are fully vaccinated and almost 85 percent of people 65 and over are fully vaccinated,” Dr. Castillo said. ” So when you see deaths in that age group that’s a lot of death in a very small population.”

But compared to this time last year, there are new therapeutics that can help combat COVID-19. One of which is expected to be released by early next year.

“It’s going to be an oral medication to help reduce a person’s chance of dying or getting hospitalized from getting COVID-19 even if they have been vaccinated,” Dr. Castillo said.

Dr. Chris Romero is an Internal Medicine Specialist at Valley Baptist Medical Center. While the number of COVID-19 patients has improved in recent months, Dr. Romero is urging people not to let their guard down this Thanksgiving.

“We’re on a better trajectory as a community, cases are coming down,” Dr. Romero said. But we also have to realize that there are other parts of the country that are seeing a significant rise in cases once again. It’s unfortunate but true it’s just not over yet.”

But with vaccine rates still high in Cameron County Doctors are seeing it as has sign of hope.

“I hope that we reap the benefit of the hard work that not only the public health departments and the medical community has put in but also the general population doing their part,” Dr. Romero said.

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