CAMERON COUNTY, Texas (KVEO) — The pandemic has changed how elections departments can increase the number of registered voters.

In the past, organizations and county elections departments would visit schools and public functions to get the public to register to vote, however, the pandemic has not made that possible this year.

“It was literally getting a car stuck in the mud,” said Remi Garza, Cameron County Elections Administrator.

Garza says their goal is to register 220,000 by the November election. Now, he mentions the department is not sure they will be able to meet that goal.

Cameron County currently has over 214,000 registered voters. While the county hasn’t seen a decline, getting those numbers up is the challenge.

“What we try to do is to be more creative on how we’re reaching out to people to let them know what their options are. We’re trying to use social media we’re trying to work with our volunteer deity registers who work with high schools to get the registration card to the individuals,” he said.

Garza says they’re hopeful.

“We think the potential for people to register is still out there and if and when the deadlines approach they’re going to act on it and they’re going to update their efforts,” he explained.

To participate in the runoff election you have until June 15 to register.

For more information on registering to vote in Cameron County, click here.