Calling Canada Host Visits Brownsville

Local News

Each year many winter visitors make their way to the Rio Grande Valley.

Many come from cold regions to enjoy the sights and warmth of South Texas.

This morning the host of Calling Canada’s Prior Smith visits Brownsville.

He has delivered Canadian news to Canadians traveling to the Southern U-S Canada for 63 years.

News Center 23 asked him about his perception of “our” border region.

“Let’s not try to sugar coat it there is a problem,” says Smith, “That problem is with the border…Maybe I’m wrong but that’s my perception of it. But that perception exists out there in the world. And we’re you’re appealing to people from all corners of the globe to come here. It’s something you have to deal with.”

Calling Canada estimates their reach at 4 million Canadians throughout Florida, Arizona, south Texas and the Bahamas during the winter months. 

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