More people are employed and more businesses are thriving in McAllen.

According to new employment numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the McAllen-Mission-Edinburg area had around 7,000 more employed people within the last 12-month period.

According to the data, that is the strongest employment numbers since the 2014-2015 fiscal year.

Luis Garza from McAllen works in the medical field and says he feels there hasn’t been a shortage of job openings where he works.

“I feel that especially at the clinic I work at we’ve been growing,” Garza said.

“Businesses have been expanding in the last year in the McAllen area,” said Teo Sepulveda, an economist with South Texas College.

Sepulveda says this is thanks to a growing trade industry on the border. As more trade happens, more businesses are needed and so is the manpower.

“Industries that provide services to the trade industry also grow,” Sepulveda said.

This also causes local industries like healthcare, education and hospitality to grow as well.

In an area with manufacturing plants in northern Tamaulipas and commercial truck traffic on area highways, more people are finding jobs and moving in.

McAllen was ranked number 10 out of 100 cities in the United States, by personal finance website Magnify Money, for having some the most favorable economic conditions for business growth, employment and housing.

Experts say the increase in job offerings in McAllen is thanks to a devaluating Mexican peso as more companies find it more affordable to do transnational business in McAllen.

“It’s actually been less expensive to buy Mexican goods, so there has actually been more trade,” Sepulveda said.

With more people employed in McAllen, a higher quality of life makes the city more attractive for people to relocate here as well.

However, experts warn that with the recent election of Andrés Manuel López Obrador as Mexico’s president, restrictions placed to the North American Free Trade Agreement could affect Valley employment.