Building Built Over Old Hospital Haunted

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McAllen City Hall is an important part of the residents life, from paying a ticket to engaging in local politics at city commission meetings, or getting married.

But the building may have a dark history that roots back to the early 20th century. McAllen City Hall was once the primary site of McAllen’s only hospital at the time, the McAllen Municipal Hospital. 

The building was completed in 1928 and underwent several expansions until it was demolished to make room for the new McAllen City Hall.

Hundreds, if not thousands of people may have died in the hospital of injuries and illnesses. Some believe their souls are left behind.

“Almost everybody at [McAllen City Hall] has a ghost story,” said Eliza Edkind, an employee at the McAllen City Hall’s Information and Technology Department. 

Before Edkind joined the workforce at McAllen City Hall, she was warned about its haunted history. Employees told her: “be careful you might hear something.”

She said people have stories about seeing something or hearing something. She thought they were joking. 

Edkind recalled a time when she was working late and heard someone typing on the keyboard and walking, “I kept on walking throughout the department and there was no one there.”

A custodian who has worked at city hall for 25 years has never seen or heard anything. But she said another custodian quit after two weeks, because of a haunting experience.

Edkind said her supervisor also witnessed something unexplainable.

“He has a story about the elevators going haywire,” she told News Center 23, adding that the elevators lights were blinking and going up and down at a high speed.  

Employees in the department did not want to share their experiences on camera. Eliza still doesn’t know who or what was typing that night she was alone in the office.

National television shows that feature hauntings have done a report on the McAllen City Hall, while there are countless  Youtube videos of supernatural phenomenon.

 “I always said that we should do a séance at City Hall to see if we could actually speak to one if they’re there,” Edkind said. 

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