BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The City of Brownsville will be hosting a statewide multi-sport event this summer.

The Texas Amateur Athletic Federation (TAAF) is 12-sport event welcoming amateur, recreational and hopeful Olympic athletes across the state.

“We’ve had great athletes within TAAF for multiple sports and we have past Olympians that are in our Hall of Fame that started in TAAF,” Mark Lord, Executive Director for TAAF said. “We may see the next Olympian.”

The 12-featured sports at TAAF include:
– Basketball (Youth)
– Boxing (Youth and Adults)
– Disc golf (Youth and Adults)
– Fast Pitch Softball (Youth) 
– Flag Football (Adults)
– Golf (Youth & adults)
– Pickleball (Adults)
– Skateboarding (Youth & Adults)
– Soccer (Youth)
– Swimming (Youth & Adults)
– Tennis (Youth & Adults)
– Track and Field (Youth)

During the event, athletes will compete at various venues throughout Brownsville. Details about TAAF can be found online.

The 4-day event begins July 27 and concludes July 30.