BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Brownsville police arrested three teenagers after they stole candy and candy displays from Holiday Village.

Marco Antonio Serna, Noe Guerrero and Eduardo Figueroa were taken into custody after stealing several candies and candy displays from a Holiday Village stand at Dean Porter Park, according to a Facebook post by Brownsville PD.

All three individuals are 17 years old.

A Brownsville patrol officer noticed a vehicle stop near the 2100 block of E. 6th Street. Two individuals stepped out of the vehicle and went over to a grassy area and picked up some items. After returning to the vehicle, the subjects noticed the police unit and sped off, according to the post.

The officer conducted a traffic stop, where he noticed the candies and displays in the back seat of the vehicles.

The displays had phone numbers on the side, and the owner was contacted.

“Upon further investigation, it was determined that the subjects jumped over the locked fence onto Dean Porter Park and took the candies and the display cases,” the post stated.

The three individuals were arraigned on Wednesday morning and each received the following bonds:

  • Theft (B): $1,500 bond
  • Criminal Trespass: $1,500 bond