“These are the kids, these are the students, these are the teachers and the community members that can really ask the tough questions and explore how they can contribute to this area,” says Theresa Maldonado, UTRGV Innovation, Research, & Economic Dev.

The area being that of aerospace. On Tuesday, more than 500 students engaged as part of the Stargate Talks presentation. One of the presentations, “Constructing a New Space City”, is significant as the field of aerospace will soon become a part of Brownsville’s future and that of the Rio Grande Valley.

“And we’re innovating, we actually now start having a comparative advantage and we start becoming the space city USA,” says Brownsville Commissioner Cesar de Leon.

“This is what it means, it means incorporating what the future brings, how do we incorporate our young people into those particular efforts,” says Brownsville Mayor Tony Martinez.

Through the Stargate Talks, UTRGV is bringing entrepreneurs from the field of engineering and aero physics to set eyes and explore the possibility of investment in the Valley.

“And what this is is really the community coming together to find out how can we really leverage that to bring more job opportunities and really just more industry in the area,” says Mike Gonzalez with United Brownsville.

In turn, the city of Brownsville and UTRGV are creating a new workforce, one that’s needed to welcome in our future rocket launch site, Space X.

“Space X is replicating their launching pad like they have, the soil consistency that they have in Florida, and so that is requiring a lot of transportation of a lot of soil I think. Someone reported it’s like 13 football fields and you know it’s that deep,” says the mayor.

Though it may seem like nothing much is going just yet, the mayor is certain things are moving along faster than we can imagine.  Rockets are to be expected to launch as early as 2018.

“Pay attention listen to what’s going on, stay tuned and be part of it because this is what we mean  by being Brownsville or being the Rio Grande Valley. This is your turn, this is your time,” says Martinez.