BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — In the heart of downtown Brownsville, a new center is planned to pave the way for the future of business in the city.

“Anywhere you are within your business, we’d be able to assist you here in this center,” said Nathan Burkhart, Director of Small Business Development at the Brownsville Community Improvement Corporation.

The eBridge center will be a physical location where any business owner, or entrepreneur, can visit to use a variety of resources, according to Burkhart.

Credit: KVEO Iris Karami

“Getting a business plan put together, putting together some permitting, being able to commercialize to scale, even trying to come up with a business from the ideation level,” said Burkhart.

Burkhart added the nearly $3 million project will also be a hub for collaborative spaces.

“It will hold 10-12 start-ups, a large co-sharing network, the UTRGV Entrepreneurship Commercialization Center, myriad of office including possibly a U.S. patent trade office,” said Burkhart.

Burkhart said this space will hold the only U.S. patent trade office south of San Antonio when it is completed in March of 2022.

The eBridge Center’s existence is in partnership with the city of Brownsville, UTRGV, U.S. Economic Development Administration, and the Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Corporation said Burkhart.

Though eBridge services are already available through the BCIC, Burkhart said this space will take the services one step further.

“In a time of a COVID a lot of our resources were sporadically placed, at least now they’re all in one place,” said Burkhart.

Burkhart added there has been a growth of 16,000 jobs in Hidalgo and Cameron county, making the eBridge Center a needed space for economic development.

“Funding has come from BCIC’s general fund, as well as a generous donation from the United States Economic Development Administration,” said Burkhart.