Brownsville seeks to potentially end parking on lawns, begins plans for new ordinance

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BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Brownsville officials said some residents want to end parking on lawns. While other residents said if that happens there will not be anywhere for them to park.

“At the end of the day we are paying our home, we are paying our taxes and if we are not invading public property, we’re not invading sidewalks,” said homeowner David Avila. “I mean, I don’t see what’s the problem if we want to park in our grass or on our sidewalks.”

Avila has a family of six and they all have cars. He said it is not unusual to see parked cars on the lawn in Brownsville and for his family, they sometimes do not have a choice.

“It’s something normal. You look around, you drive around, it’s something normal,” said Avila.

Brownsville Police Department Public Information Officer Martin Sandoval said the city wants to enforce an ordinance, but it is still in the planning stages.

“People that live in a multi-generational home that have five or six vehicles we want to know how is it that we can come together and figure out this issue,” said Sandoval.

Sandoval said a resident’s complaint is what started the city’s initiative to improve the city, but said it looks to improve things like decreasing rodents or prevent environmental hazards.

“There’s a lot of issues that come into this. It’s not just the fact that ‘oh it doesn’t look nice’ that’s why we want to get with the planning, the health department, and everyone involved, even the community,” said Sandoval.

City Commissioner District 1 Nurith Galonsky said her district has homes that were built without ample parking space, and if this ordinance is not planned carefully it could have a negative impact.

“Some of the older parts in my district, for example, do not have a garage. Some of the older homes do not even have a detached garage,” said Galonsky.

Galonsky added cities like Houston adopted a majority-vote approach to this ordinance where if 60% or more of a neighborhood votes for it, it will be implemented or vice versa.

“Especially for my constituents, it would be beneficial to put to the ordinance on neighbors and to make sure you have enough neighbors that are in favor of that so that it doesn’t become prohibitive,” said Galonsky.

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