Brownsville school district bus drivers continued their fight for better hours and wages Tuesday. The bus drivers claim they are underpaid and not given enough sick leave.

Dozens of Brownsville school district bus drivers requested change to current district policies where they are given less paid sick leave compared to other full time employees. 

Rafael Vasquez says he and his coworkers are also unhappy about their wages. They said their recent 2 percent raise is not enough and are still paid less than other school bus drivers in the valley. 

“There is a policy in the district that says we work 32 hours, so we are asking that they change the policy to 40 because if we only work 32 to 35 hours they limit our sick paid leave,” said Vasquez.

“We budget everything on 40 hours per week on every full time employee so I think we should maintain that and these bus drivers deserve it and we should never take away their livelihood,” said school board member Otis Powers. 

Despite a long discussion, board members decided no change could be made to the current policy until further review of the situation. 

Transportation department employees said they will continue to fight for change to the policy. 

Superintendent Dr. Esperanza Zendejas said she plans to meet with the board to discuss the change in policy by November.