Brownsville safe room dome inflated

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The city of Brownsville is working to complete a safe room that could be used in case of a natural disaster such as a flood or hurricane. The community safe room is located at Brownsville Sports Park. Community members gathered on Friday as they inflated the roof.

“We’re really excited to see that the roof is actually being elevated. It’s very symbolic of all the hard work that the city and the community has put into the dome,” said Marina Zolezzi, Brownsville Director of Grant Management.

“It started around March of this year through the entire process. They had to get the foreman they had to get the perimeter set. They had to get it established and then from there they went into the brick,” said Jose Perez CDBG Program Manager.

If you’re headed to the Brownsville Sports Park you might notice the round building with an inflated dome.

“Now we’re actually inflating the dome shape which is going to take a couple of days and then from there they’re going to start spraying concrete. So it can actually stay up and then have the dome,” said Perez.

Besides being a safe space for the community Perez says it will also serve as something more.

“It’s going to have some basketball courts some bleachers, potentially some volleyball. So we’re very excited that we’re one step closer for having this become a reality,” said Perez.

The total cost of the project is $5.3 million. Around $1.3 million  was covered by the city of Brownsville. The rest was covered by the state’s Federal Emergency Management Agency Program.

The building will hold around 800 people in case of a disaster and will be completed by Spring of 2016.

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