Brownsville residents still cleaning up after flooding in homes

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BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) – People in one Brownsville neighborhood are still cleaning up damage from last Friday’s heavy rain. While the water on Tradition Circle. is now cleared, residents said they are tired of having to deal with this problem and are looking to the city for help.

Julie Pedraza and her husband Daniel Arujo have lived along with Tradition Circle for the last 15 years. They were one of many families drying out their homes, and everything inside of it.

“It’s a process, but hopefully we can get something that can help with the costs,” Pedraza said.

“It’s really bad, it’s catastrophic basically all of the furniture is going to have to go the beds, the sofa, everything is going to have to go,” Arujo said.

But the couple said this is nothing new to them and their neighbors. Arujo said his family is frustrated and just wants the city to help with prevention.

“Well I think they need to increase the drainage capacity in this area because that’s the major problem,” Arujo said.

The city of Brownsville is working with the Texas Division of Emergency Management to assess damages to homes. As of Monday, they have gotten 225 damage reports.

Deputy Fire Chief Cesar Pedraza said the more people who file damages reports will help the city to get federal funding to help fix those damages.

 “We’re trying to make sure every resident’s damage is counted because we have to meet certain thresholds to get certain funding to our area,” Pedraza said.

While the city is aware of residents’ frustrations over constant flooding in their homes. City officials are still planning projects to help reduce flooding.

“So our city government including our Mayor, City Commission, and City Management have been working diligently to create a capital project to help alleviate and mitigate these situations in the future.”

Julie and Daniel want some sort of solution to be made, so their house can be spared from future flooding.

“They need to invest the amount that is required to fix all of this because it’s just going to keep happening,” Arujo said.

The city of Brownsville is still accepting damage reports. Residents who have any damage in their homes can click here to report.

The city also has capital projects in the works to help improve drainage in the city. For an outline of those plans click here.

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