Brownsville resident’s car continuously vandalized over 4 years, says police not doing their job

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BROWNSVILLE, Texas (KVEO) — A Brownsville resident said he has experienced constant vandalism to his vehicle over the past four years.

“My car is the only one that’s been vandalized, no other car has been vandalized,” said Julio Cortez.

According to Cortez, vandalism was never an issue before and has made several reports to the Brownsville Police Department. 

However, he has not been given much information towards the ongoing vandalism.

“I thought that the law was supposed to be there to protect me and serve me,” he said.

Cortez said as a resident and taxpayer it is frustrating to feel that officers are not doing anything about his situation.

“They say that street is the worst one in Brownsville and that’s a shame because that’s how bad police officers don’t even go to that street,”

KVEO reached out to the Brownsville Police Department. They said vandalism should be reported to them and the detectives usually take care of the rest.

However, Cortez said it has been four years and he just wants answers.

“They told my wife, okay when you get the name of the guy who’s doing this please call us; no that’s your job, you’re the investigator, you’re the police officers, you’re the one that’s supposed to be asking neighbors questions,” he said.

Cortez said he was encouraged to move but considers Brownsville his home and just wants officers to do their job.

The Brownsville Police Department said Cortez should call during a weekday in order for a detective to explain what is going on with his case.

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