BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Brownsville Police Department is ramping up security throughout neighborhoods and businesses with partnerships and new technology.

“With this technology, we can have a cop in every corner. We can have somebody monitoring the area,” said Brownsville Police Investigator Martin Sandoval.

Sandoval said their current systems, new technology, and partnerships are making the city even safer.

One of Brownsville Police’s partnerships is with the well-known Ring doorbell and camera systems. 

“What happens is when people download their videos to ring neighbors, law enforcement gets an alert stating that there is some type of activity,” Sandoval said.

The system is helping investigators and the community identify criminals.  

Other security systems like 24/7 monitored cameras in the downtown area are also essential to the safety of the community.

Sandoval said that the system is very effective and is now expanding to other parts of the city.

He said a new partnership with a company called Fusus is the latest technology to help them identify issues and deter crime.

“What’s happening is they have modules, and those modules will connect to cameras that exist already in local businesses,” he said.

Sandoval explained that the new system is free to any business that would like to participate in their efforts.

He said the cameras will only monitor the exterior of the business when needed. 

“At any point that there is a major incident that happens, we can access that camera and get a live feed,” Sandoval said.

“It’s all about feeling safe, being safe, not only having our business safe and being watched by the police but the whole community, everybody that’s around us,” said the owner of Cafe Canasto, Johanna Lozano.

Café Canasto is located at Paredes Line Road, one of the busiest streets in Brownsville.

Lozano said she makes sure her business and employees are safe with cameras of her own and is supportive of the new technology. 

“It’s a great initiative. Especially outside of a business where we have parking spaces. Anything can happen,” she said.

“This is just an extra effort, to make sure that everyone in our community participates in making Brownsville, one of the safest cities,” Sandoval said.

Brownsville businesses that are interested in participating in the Fusus system can call the Brownsville Police Department at 956-548-7121.