Brownsville PD fill up back-to-school backpacks to distribute to needy BISD students

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Brownsville Police Officers have been working with about two dozen volunteers from various organizations, like Capitol One, to provide more than 1,000 BISD students with backpacks for the new school year.

“The initiative is to help children that are in need,” said Brownsville Police Officer Sergeant David de Leon.
“We will partner up with BISD, the teachers, counselors, principals, and they will make the recommendation based upon their observations and what the needs of the children are.”

A sort-of assembly line was developed to make sure these students receive the necessary school supplies to thrive in their classes. That includes anything from the actual backpack, to pencils, notebooks, rulers and crayons.

“What we have done is we have gone to the listing that the district has provided in general, and we’ve provided those items that are on the list as best we can,” said De Leon.

Last year, the police department distributed close to 550 backpacks. This year, it looks like that number will be doubled.

“We’re filling in over 750 backpacks today,” said De Leon. “We will distribute over 1000 backpacks within the course of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of next week.”

Sergeant de Leon says the reactions from the children who receive these back-to-school backpacks are priceless.

“You almost have to hold back tears, simply because you see the joy in the kids’ faces,” said De Leon. “The fact that they have a brand new backpack, they have school supplies. A lot of these kids are very smart. That potential is there. And fortunately, they do need the assistance and that’s the whole basis of this initiative…giving them an opportunity.”

This event occurs annually, and local officials don’t see it stopping any time soon.

“We hope to continue this for many many years to come,” said De Leon.


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