BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The city of Brownsville has opened bidding for the city’s second industrial park.

City commissioner at-large ‘A’, John Cowen, said the city is running low on industrial spaces.

“We don’t have any available industrial space in Brownsville it’s all occupied,” said Cowen.

To prepare for new industry, Cowen said the city has started bids for a 729-acre industrial park between Old Alice Road and Paredes Line Road less than 2 miles from I-69. The city has coined the name North Corridor Industrial Park.

“We don’t have cost estimates yet, but I think working with developers that are able to put their own equity into the project in that if they win we win as well,” said Cowen.

North Brownsville Industrial Park is a 73-acre industrial park that Cowen said is nearly all sold out. While some residents have expressed concern about the project on social media, Cowen believes Brownsville’s proximity to the coast and Mexico is an opportunity to capitalize.

“With what’s going on in China and Russia and Ukraine I think you’re going to see more near-shoring which means companies come back to manufacture closer to the United States or in the United States,” said Cowen. “Brownsville is by the border, so Brownsville has the opportunity to capitalize.”

Cowen estimates a 20-year projection for the new industrial project to be completed and sold out.

Resident, real estate broker, and owner of GRT Realty, Craig Grove, said it could be worth the wait.

“Generally I think it’s something to welcome we have a lot of raw land in Brownsville, we’re actually very fortunate to have a lot of raw land,” said Grove. “Any healthy city has a diverse economic base.”

Grove added that most of the city’s tax revenue comes from residential housing.

“Because houses do not generate the type of taxes that we need to deal with infrastructure issues, business retail, commercial developments do that,” said Grove.

Meanwhile, Cowen pointed out that the city’s Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation (GBIC) has a science and technology grant opened. Cowen said it could be a tool for some businesses looking to start up or buy plots of land at the new industrial park.

“Well I think it’s a tool in our toolbox if we have companies that fit what that grant is geared towards which is mainly science and technology,” said Cowen.