Brownsville official receives COVID-19 test vaccine, urges others to volunteer

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BROWNSVILLE (KVEO) — As America gets closer to having a COVID-19 vaccine, one Brownsville city commissioner volunteered to take part in one of the vaccine trials.  

Commissioner Jessica Tetreau spoke on why it was important for her to participate.   

“I had to do it, we have to find something to keep us safe and these deaths—if there’s anything anyone of us can do to stop these deaths…we have to do it,” said Tetreau.   

Tetreau says she’s lost a bestfriend of 25 years, neighbors and friends to COVID and says its important to remember the death rate is more than just a number.   

“People get used to hearing these numbers, ‘oh it was only four today or it was only two today,’ but those are actually people that we know,” said Tetreau.   

She did extensive research before participating in the trail and urges people to volunteer.   

“It was a very heavy decision but I did a lot of research and I saw how safe it was,” said Tetreau.  “The faster these trails get done, the faster the public can have access to it.”   

Tetreau said she was a recipient of the AstraZeneca vaccine at a testing center in McAllen called Centex.   

Site director, Shruti Konda, says they are still looking for volunteers.   

“We just finished enrolling the Moderna trial a couple of weeks ago, and so they are currently looking for about 40,000 patients,” said Konda.  

Konda also says that you can sign up to see if you qualify by going to their Facebook page or making an appointment by calling their office.   

“They come in for a visit and the visit lasts specifically two hours, and then there’s a booster dose on day 29, so there’s a total of two doses per patient,” said Konda.   

Konda explains there is a chance of chills or a fever, but has seen no serious reactions.  

Pfizer and Moderna, two other trail vaccines, announced the results of theirs–both of which say were more than 90% effective.  

AstraZeneca is projected to have their test results by Christmas. 

Contact Links for Centex in McAllen:  


Office #: (956) 540-7170 &

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