In a 250-square-foot, two-bedroom apartment in Brownsville, live 10 children, Yodelka Gutierrez and her husband.

Gutierrez has been taking care of her friend Janete Jimenez Ramirez’s six children since last Thursday, when Jimenez and 2-year-old Yahel Ruben Cruz were hit by a car near the intersection of South Padre Island Highway and McKenzie Road in Brownsville.

Gutierrez was walking on the street with Jimenez and Cruz when they were struck.

Gutierrez said the three of them were heading home after dropping off Ramirez’s mom at the bus stop.

Ramirez succumbed to her injuries Monday.

Brownsville District 2 City Commissioner Jessica Tetreau Kalifa, along with New Harvest Ministries Church in Brownsville, the Brownsville school district and other local organizations have joined forces to provide aid for the family and the six kids.

“To see the love and the compassion, I mean you are almost seeing Gods face to see these people be complete strangers, but not, come together and to be there for these children because their mother couldn’t,” Tetreau Kalifa said.

“All of the funds will be distributed for the children, funeral services, school supplies, whatever is needed we are here to take care of them,” said New Harvest Ministries Pastor Tina Ruiz.

New Harvest Ministries is administering the donations.

All proceeds will go to help the family and the six children.