Brownsville ISD to require in-person instruction, explain safety precautions

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BROWNSVILLE, Texas (KVEO) — A letter addressed to the Brownsville Independent School District Community is gaining attention in Brownsville.

The letter states that the Texas Legislature does not provide funding for virtual classes. Without the funding, the school district is forced to require in-person instruction and federal funds are currently not an option.

“If we were to make a decision, our superintendent and our school board, if they were to decide we are going to use federal funding then we would have to cut somewhere else and that’s the reason at this time our priority is going to be the resources, ” said Dr. Nellie Cantu BISD’s deputy superintendent of Business, Finance, and Operations.

Dr. Cantu explained that the resources that would potentially be cut would be resources used for hands-on instruction and electronic devices that students need.

Dr. Cantu shared that although in-person instruction is required, there are some exceptions for students with serious underlying medical conditions.

The exceptions would be made with medical providers’ notes and after a review from a committee.

She shares that COVID-19 is something that is not taken lightly by the school district and they are providing teachers with desk shields for students, face shields for secondary students, hand sanitizer, and other items to protect against contracting the virus.

“A lot of investment has been made and thanks to our school board who recognizes and recognizes that, has given us the funding to make sure that every teacher is equipped with the resources that they need.”

Teachers are also provided with a “COVID kit” for their protection.

Dr. Cantu explained that their athletic program is also taking extra precautions to ensure student’s safety through an application.

She explains that if a student tests positive for COVID-19, they will be removed from the class and the class will quarantine until they can produce a negative test.

Dr. Cantu says communication is important for the school district and they will continue to use multiple avenues such as Facebook, school messenger, email, and phone messages to get important communication and updates out to parents.


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