BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — On Monday the annual Summer Youth School Safety Leadership Academy began and the focus is to teach leadership skills to students. 

The first part of the academy consisted of a presentation while the second half was spent outdoors learning what leadership is all about and why it’s needed in our community. 

Brownsville ISD Police Officer Karina Gomez calls the program a necessity for children.

“We see a lot of issues going on with bullying, cyber bullying, online bullying, everything, and that aspect and we want to show them that being a leader and being a positive influence to others is the way and key to life,” said Officer Gomez. 

She adds that during the academy they do outside activities with the children to teach them about leadership. 

“Part of the physical activities that we have is to show leadership even though you have an opponent against you. As long as you put your mind to it and work as a team you can conquer anything,” said Officer Gomez. 

Officer Gomez said they also give a PowerPoint presentation about community awareness. 

“During the academy, we have many events that when it comes with safety precautions, vape awareness, juvenile issues, anything that comes across our campus that’s what we try to bring awareness in this academy,” said Officer Gomez. 

While there is only a limited number of Brownsville ISD students who can participate in the academy, Officer Gomez hopes they gain life lessons. 

“What I hope that they gain out of this is just how to become a leader, how to become that person that helps out the community, how to be that role model to others,” said Officer Gomez. 

To sign your child up for next year’s academy contact Brownsville ISD.