BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The largest school district in the Rio Grande Valley will be canvassing the votes from last week’s election, but one candidate is questioning the results.

Candidate and former school principal Victor Caballero is asking for the votes to be counted again.

Caballero’s supporters say because former principal Frank Ortiz won a seat as Brownsville ISD trustee, Cabarello should have won too.

The two long time school administrators had the same support and ran as a team. 

Caballero lost to board member Denise Garza last Tuesday.

“So consequently, those numbers don’t match. There is something definitely wrong, in our opinion, and my supporters’ opinion. We’re looking to ensure that the numbers have been properly counted. They were done through a machine, now we’re asking for a hand counted figure,” Caballero said.

On Thursday, the trustees will hold a special school board meeting to canvass the ballots and swear in the new candidates. Garza will not be sworn into a new term but she will still serve on the board.

Regardless the outcome of the recount, a Brownsville area teachers union says change is coming to the district.

“The last the last board was very good. we got a $4,000 raise last year we got the retention stipend. but they’ve not been able to rein in the superintendent on the excessive paperwork and the micromanagement,” said Patrick Hammes, Brownsville Educators Stand Together Leader.

Another teacher’s union is feeling optimistic.

“We believe that it is a positive change, and we’re being very hopeful on that because this change that is going to take place at the school level, it impacts so many different levels, and it just trickles right down to the students,” said Ida Abeldaño with the Association of Brownsville Educators.