Close to 150 migrants are waiting in Matamoros to get into the U.S.

And at least twice a day, starting back in June, Michael Benavides and volunteers have been traveling to the Gateway International Bridge in Brownsville to help them.

Benavides and the group have been taking the migrant food, water, and necessities as they wait seeking asylum, but the migrants need more than just food they need shelter.

Benavides’ group provides tents, tarps, blankets and pillows for the migrants.

“They’re at the base of the bridge,” Benavides said. “There’s a park and they’re open air. People are walking by them as they are sleeping. It’s not a good situation to be in.” 

President Trump has hinted a possible border shutdown.

If it happens it would be detrimental to Team Brownsville’s efforts.

“I would feel helpless, because these people I see them every day. They’re my family,”  Benavides said. “These people they’re amazing, I know them all. I know their stories. They count on us.”

Migrants wait for a long time for their names to be called he said.

Benavides said sometimes over a month, but as long as they wait, he and many other are willing to extend a hand.

Team Brownsville is in conjunction with Good Neighbor Settlement House in Brownsville and are always looking for volunteers.

To find out more about Team Brownsville call: 956-542-2368