Harlingen, Texas (KVEO)-Residents of the Winter Haven Resort in Brownsville are fed up and want answers.

UPDATES: Power Outages continue across the Rio Grande Valley, possibly into Wednesday

Since early Sunday Morning the Park has been without electricity, leading some to spend the night in their cars to stay warm.  Residents says it is a life and death situation and they need help.

“I really believe that when this is all over with, that they are going to be finding people in their mobiles down here that froze to death. I do.” said Steve Scott, Winter Haven Resort Resident

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For more than two days without power, those who live at the Winter Haven Resort said this is a winter nightmare.

“They’re sleeping in their cars at night to stay warm,” said Scott. “There is a lot of people in the park that have oxygen machines, or are on dialysis, and are bed ridden.”  

“The lady said she woke up and her house was 35 degrees this morning, that’s crazy, ” said Winter Resort resident. “These people need to wake up someone is going to die here from this.” 

Steve Scott who is a bit of a neighborhood maintenance man is doing what he can to help. Scott adds many cannot afford extra expenses and come here because the cost of living is cheap.

“They can get by on a fixed income, but when it comes to stuff like this you know a lot of them have no family here at all.”  said Scott.

Property Management tells KVEO AEP is the provider for the park. AEP said with the exception of large hospitals all other circuit breakers are fair game.

“It is sad that they forget us. I don’t know what the reason is, but this long without any power at all, it’s just kind of ridiculous.”  said Scott.

AEP could not say when power would be restored at the Winter Haven Resort.