Brownsville brush pick-up delay affects new real estate industry

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BROWNSVILLE, Texas (KVEO) — As brush pick-up falls behind in Brownsville, one realtor says it is starting to affect the new real estate industry.

“You can definitely see the look in their eyes like ‘what kind of town am I getting into? Do I really want to invest here?’,” said Craig Grove, owner of GRT realty in Brownsville.

Grove sent an email asking Mayor Trey Mendez and City Manager Noel Bernal to set up more initiatives to take care of trash pick-up.

“I know that our mayor and our city staff are doing everything they can, but we really feel like the issue needs to be elevated,” said Grove. “Because right now we have people from all over the world looking at Brownsville.”

Grove said he has been in real estate in Brownsville for 12 years and that brush pick-up has not fallen this far behind before.

“I have a client flying in from Panama in the next week to look at properties here in Brownsville and when you go and show people properties and you’re driving past huge mounds of trash,” said Grove. “It’s been almost three months since the [winter] storm.”

The city has a contract with Republic Services, which oversees bulk and brush pick up, but Bernal said the delay is due to the recent weather.

“The issue has to do with the winter event in particular and the higher volumes of brush and debris out in the community,” said Bernal.

Bernal told KVEO that the initial report from Republic showed they would be caught up by the end of May. However, last week Republic sent a new report showing their target time to be the second week of June.

Though it is not promised, Bernal said the city will assess the possibility of compensation for the delay on pick up.

“We would have to work within our contract and discuss if there is any means of relief to our residents,” said Bernal. “But at the moment the focus has really been on catching up with the brush.”

Guidelines for bulk and brush pick-up for the city of Brownsville

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