BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Melissa Lucio’s family continues their efforts to stop her execution set for April 27.

According to Sonya Valencia Alvarez, her sister is innocent.

“I’m gonna fight like a soldier for my sister because my sister is gonna come home,” said Alvarez. “There was no evidence that proves that my sister did it, all the evidence that they presented was evidence that was unexplainable.”

Brownsville Catholic Bishop, Daniel Fores also said Lucio should not be sentenced to death. 

“We need to be compassionate; Melissa’s family continues to suffer and they suffered the loss of Mariah and they are suffering now because of a possible loss of Melissa,” said Bishop Flores.

Bishop Flores adds that Lucio’s case is one of many and said the catholic church will continue to advocate against the death penalty.

“We have to realize that people’s lives are evolved, one tragedy is not made better by causing another tragedy,” said Bishop Flores.

Robert Alvarez, who is Lucio’s son, said the community support means a lot. 

“It means a lot to me and my brother, my aunts, my grandma, everybody, just to have people that we don’t even know support us, It means a lot; We want my mom home,” said Robert Alvarez.

Along with prayer and faith, Bishop Flores encourages the public to write a letter to Governor Greg Abbott to withdraw Lucio’s death penalty.