BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) – Saturday was a busy day at the Bike Barn in Brownsville; A dozen volunteers donated a few hours to the city bicycling initiative in preparation for the upcoming CycloBia event.  

All types of wheels are welcome to roll onto a closed-off portion of Brownsville’s downtown for the September 18 CycloBia event.  

The event is put on by the City’s Department of Public Health in partnership with local entities and is geared towards encouraging the public to roll out for an evening of physical and community activities.  

During the event, volunteers will close a portion of 7th Street and East Adams to cars and allow the public to roll or walk freely on the street from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. 

Free bike rentals will also be a part of the event; several volunteers showed up at the 7th Street location to help in getting the donated bikes up and running.  

“You don’t even have to bring your own bike, if you just come out, we’ll have bikes for you,” said Recreation Inclusion Coordinator, Laura Holbrook.  

Holbrook told ValleyCentral that the Bike Barn was open back up three weeks ago after closing because of the pandemic. Volunteers were invited back to help repair the bicycles; those who have no experience maintaining bicycles can learn here.  

“Basically, what they’re learning is how to maintain bicycles, so when they get their own bike, they’ll know how to keep it going,” Holbrook said. 

Once volunteers complete 10 hours of work, they may pick one of the donated bikes to work on and keep for themselves. While this is a great opportunity for high school students to earn volunteer hours, Holbrook says help is also needed from people with lots of experience fixing bikes as well.  

High school senior, Humberto Rodriguez, says that his school told him about the volunteer opportunity at the Bike Barn and decided to accumulate his hours there. He was drawn in by the hands-on experience he gets while learning how bikes work and how to repair them.  

“We are going for an engineering pathway, so we were already wanting to do something like this,” said Rodriguez who was there with his classmate.  

The Lunada Night Market will also be happening at Linear Park during CycloBia.  

To volunteer at Bike Bark, you can visit this website.

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