BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A local dog rescue is overwhelmed after an animal shelter refuses to accept new pets. 

The Brownsville Animal Regulation and Care Center (BARCC) shut down its operations because of a highly contagious virus. 

“They want to dump it on us, and they don’t want to even ask if that’s okay with us. We’re drowning as it is, we do not have the ability to take on any more than we already are doing,” Tracy Voss the owner of Tracie’s Paws Rescue said. 

The local rescue shelter is busier than usual after the BARCC decided to stop taking in animals. 

A highly contagious virus shut down the animal shelter for six weeks. 

“When they decided to shut down intake, the public was not initially notified which was upsetting to me. Because you know, if your garbage date changes, you get a notice from the city,” Voss said. 

 To help contain the number of animals in its shelter they gave a RGV rescue resource list to people dropping off unwanted animals or strays.  

On that list was the names and home address of the non-profit rescue organizations, Donja’s Dogs. 

“The overwhelming demand that we’ve received in the last week. No, I didn’t sign on for that,” Donja Rodriguez, owner of Donja’s Dogs said. 

Rodriguez says no one contacted her about placing her personal home address, or verified if the address was still active. 

 “They took our personal private home address and started handing it out to citizens who want to destroy their animals. And I wouldn’t have known except a man came with kittens to dump them at my house,” Rodriguez said. 

The video Rodriguez provided shows a person with the RGV rescue resource list taking him directly to her front door.

“Worst thing is that they just drop them off and leave. Because then we’re going to have more stray animals in our in our neighborhood. We don’t need that our neighbors don’t need that,” an anonymous resident said.