Brownsville Animal Control says do not leave your pets behind

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Just a couple of days ago, former mayor Pat Ahumada was given a citation after leaving his two pitbulls unattended inside his vehicle.

Animal control picked both animals up after a citizen complaint.

 The Brownsville’s Animal Control shares about what you should know if you’re thinking of taking your pets for a car ride.

“The best thing to do if you’re not going to take your animal off with you if you’re not going to go to a pet store where you can allow to have the animal, best thing to do is have the animal back home,” says Animal Control Supervisor Robert Dippong.

Dippong warns about the dangers of leaving your pet unattended inside your vehicle. No matter for how long, it is illegal in Brownsville.

“I know a lot of people say it’s only going to take me five minutes, but then they get distracted, they see something in the store and you know five minute- trip turns into 45 minutes,” says Dippong.

And those 45 minutes can be deadly for an animal, no matter how cold or hot the temperatures outside the vehicle are.

“What people have to understand is that animals don’t sweat like us. They have to breathe fresh air through their mouths so that they can cool off their body. If you leave them in a vehicle with very little cracked windows or something like that, they’re breathing in nothing but hot air so they’re going to over-heat even faster,” says Dippong.

Which is why if you get caught leaving your pet behind, officers will come to collect that animal… bring it back to the shelter for you to pick up and face the consequences… heavy shelter fees, fines, and a court order.

“Well they’ll be issued a citation and they’ll have to appear in court and explain to the city prosecutor why they left their animal back then.  Depending on the severity, it could be a very large fine,” says Dippong.

That fine can range anywhere from one dollar to five-hundred dollars… but not only should your concern be on the money, it should be on your pet’s life… something that the Brownsville animal control is working hard to protect.

“If anybody witnesses it they can go ahead and give us the information, the best description of the vehicle, exactly where it’s at they can call it in to 548-7-thousand and we’ll get an animal control officer as soon as possible,” says Dippong.

Again if you are a witness to any animal cruelty case like an unattended dog inside a vehicle, you are asked to call animal control and give the best description of the vehicle at 956-548-7000.

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