MCALLEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A Broadway Disney princess said she is excited to bring the magic to the McAllen Performing Arts Center in Disney Princess – The Concert.

On Thursday, Oct. 20, Disney Princess – The Concert will featured Broadway performers appearing as themselves to sing the iconic Disney princess songs that inspire dreamers of all ages.

The stars aim to immerse their audience in Disney magic with their theatrical effects and heartfelt behind-the-scenes stories from their time on the stage and screen.

Christy Altomare, Broadway’s original Anya in Anastasia, told ValleyCentral she has been playing the part since 2016 when she was first cast as Anaya on Broadway. However, the performer said her love for the Disney classics started long before she got her big break.

Like many, Altomare was enchanted by the cinematic magic of the Disney princess at a young age. Now as an adult, she said singing the princess songs brings her a sense of nostalgia that she hopes to share with the public.

Something unique about the concert is that the Broadway performers are taking the stage as themselves to tell their real-life stories and connections to the Disney classics.

“We’re playing these seasoned Broadway performers,” Altomare said. “And we get to kind of transform into our favorite Disney characters. So, it’s very surreal. … And so we all get to relive our favorite VHS lives from the 90s. And get to share that excitement with an audience filled with people who love Disney and loved Disney princesses.”

Disney Princess – The Concert encourages everyone who comes to the show to wear their best sparkle or cosplay in their best princess costume to make for an immersive and exciting experience.

The Broadway Disney princesses will put on a show with harmonies, true stories and a 40-foot LED screen playing animations from your favorite Disney films.

To purchase tickets to the concert, click here.

“This show is 100%, inclusive to all humans who walk this earth,” Altomare said. “So, sending love to all cultures. No matter what culture you are, sending love to all, you know, ethnicities, cultures, and LGBTQ+ people, we love you all, we support you all. And this shows just really the empowerment to be yourself and to embrace who it is that you are because you’re enough. And that’s kind of what all these princesses stand for.”