Breastfeeding Bill Clarifies and Enforces Mother’s Rights to Nurse in Public

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Texas Representative Jessica Farrar says breastfeeding in public is a decade old right. HB 742 clarifies this right and provides enforcement for a mother whose right might be violated.

The bill also adds public awareness, requiring businesses be provided with notice of the right to breastfeed. Mother Giana Hesterberg is among the women who exercises her right to nurse in public.

“I think women being able to nurse is a very basic human right.”

Giana says the law will help women.

“If there are more protection and laws for protection put in place for these women and I think that’s better so that no one is asked to leave because they’re feeding their baby.”

Although the mother of three uses a cover, on occasion she will breastfeed without it.

“It if it would fit was going to mean that she was going to get too hot under her safety is more important.”

Giana breastfed all of her children. and says most people are supportive of her nursing in public.

“I have an experience too much of the negativity or that that looks sometimes people kind of wonder what you’re doing when you take this out and put the baby on. And they kind of figure it out. So it hasn’t too bad.”

She would feel hurt and frustrated if someone would tell her not to breastfeed in public.

“I would feel very frustrated if someone asked me to do that I think I would politely ask why I would need to leave or go elsewhere to do it in private or what their reasoning is water behind it.”

Giana is comfortable breastfeeding at restaurants, stores and public places outdoors. 

HB742 also states that a mother may bring civil action against a person who is alleged to have violated her right to nurse.  You can follow the bill at Texas Legislature online. 

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